Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Black Dolls are Growing in Popularity

In 2003 Dr. Lisa Williams wanted to help heal negative self-image so she established the World of Entertainment, publishing and inspiration (World of EPI). Positively Perfect Dolls that are Multicultural Toy's for Beautiful Multicultural Children.
 In 2010 Pretty Brown Girl was Founded by Sheri Crawley and her husband Corey based on the change they saw in their oldest daughter Laila after they moved back to Detroit, MI. Laila wanted to have blonde hair like her classmates as opposed to her own beautifully textured hair...Laila is the signature Pretty Brown Girl Doll. And Pretty Brown Girl is one of the largest empowerment movement of its kind.

 "My Muse is a socially-minded children's company that designs, manufacture and distributes customizable 18 inch multicultural dolls."
 Cee Robinson aka Queen Dollylama is a Doll Artist and Activist who launched Herstory articulated 18 inch Doll line by way of her 2016 Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign.
Naturally Perfect hit the scene in February 2016 at the New York Toy Fair and recently the company was featured on SharkTank where they received funding to assist them with their company. "One specific aim to change the standard of beauty for young girls, one doll at a time and encourage self-acceptance, diversity and exposure."

Ozi Okaro is a fashion designer children's author and illustrator. Growing up she had no dolls that looked like her, however. After having children of her own she was inspired by her daughters who have different skin tones to create Ikuzi Dolls. She wanted her daughters to have beautiful black dolls that resembled them.

The Detroit Doll Show wanted to provide a brief overview and images of the above dolls because a few constituents inquired about various dolls in regards to our Annual Show. Positively Perfect Dolls was one of our sponsors, who we are most grateful for their support. In 2016 Pretty Brown Girl Founder received the Doll Legacy Award from the Detroit Doll Show. And Queen Dollylama Brownstone Kids are a favorite by followers on our Facebook page. All Dolls have been featured on our Facebook page: Detroit Doll Show

All of these companies are on instagram. Stay Tuned for Sandy's Land 6th Annual Detroit Doll Show. For questions contact us at

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