Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dr. Betts our 2015 Detroit Doll Show Honoree

Dr. Margaret L. Betts graduated from the University of Toledo College of Medicine in 1977. She has over 37 years of experience as a Medical Doctor and she is affiliated with DMC Sinai-Grace Hospital and Providence Hospital.

Dr. Betts is a well respected individual throughout Michigan for her contribution to the less fortunate, investing in Detroit people and properties. There are a few things she's known for, a humble spirit and her collection of Black Dolls.

She was instrumental in sparking the interest of Black Dolls in Detroit Michigan because she helped to facilitate the first Black Doll Show at the St. Regis Hotel over twelve years ago. Presently, at her private medical practice, Betts Medical Group PLLC is like a mini Black Doll Museum where she share stories of these historical figures with her clients. Every Doll has a Story.

If you mention Black Dolls in a conversation at least five out of ten people will say, Do you know Dr. Betts?... She's Metro Detroit Black Doll Icon.

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